Iowa Pavement Management Program (IPMP)

The Iowa Pavement Management Program (IPMP) promotes optimal, cost-effective decisions on highway maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction, using accurate past and projected pavement conditions.

IPMP logoIPMP integrates data collection and a database to track the condition of pavements on non-National Highway System (non-NHS) federal-aid-eligible roads. Non-NHS roads may be in state, county, and city jurisdictions. IPMP focuses on local transportation agencies and provides these agencies with:

  • an objective and consistent planning tool to support development of regional and statewide transportation improvement plans
  • information on pavement condition for individual pavement sections
  • raw pavement distress data from the automated distress collection equipment
  • inventory and history information on roadways
  • training on pavement management software and principles
  • videologging of roadways
IPMP Staff

Zachary Hans


Inya Nlenanya


Omar Smadi

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