Plan for Midwest Transportation Weather Research Program


The mission for this program is to address the weather challenges posed to transportation agencies and transportation system users in the Midwest by

The primary focus is to provide cost effective solutions and enhance the safety and mobility of travelers and freight.

At this stage, the program intends to include the entire spectrum of identifying, managing, and treating weather issues in transportation. Work may range from consideration of weather as an element in planning, design, and construction to safety, operation, and maintenance of transportation facilities.


To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation planning, design, construction, safety, operations, and maintenance resulting in improved safety and mobility while minimizing cost and environmental consequences.

Program Objective

Emphasize two-way communication between researchers and stakeholders so the program will provide useful results. The Midwest Transportation Weather Research Program will provide an institutional platform to

Possible Organization of the Program

The Iowa DOT is willing to provide leadership for the launch of this program and provide an institutional home for the program until permanent arrangements are made. The first step in the development of a program will include the formation of a program board responsible for identifying