Focus Group Results

Weather Providers

  1. Improving Fixed Platform Data Collection
  2. Improving Forecasting Models, Data, and Dissemination
  3. Developing Visibility Mitigations

Weather Users

  1. Researching, Developing, and Implementing a Public Communications and Education Plan
  2. Researching and Developing a User-Based Decision-Making Model
  3. Researching, Developing, and Implementing an Integrated Data Collection and Reporting System

Maintenance Equipment and Technologies

  1. Developing an Automated Real-Time Data Collection System
  2. Improving Snow Plow Design
  3. Developing Public Warning Systems
  4. Developing the Maintenance Decision Support System

Traffic Operations and Safety

  1. Implementing Multi-Disciplined Road Weather Training
  2. Developing Real-Time Road Weather Messaging
  3. Establishing Weather-Based Speed Limits

Design and Construction

  1. Developing a 4D Design Model
  2. Developing Accurate Local Weather Forecasting and Construction Decision Support
  3. Improving Construction Techniques Through Weather Sensitivity Analysis

Maintenance Operations

  1. Developing Mobile Weather Observing Platforms
  2. Identifying Un-Forecasted Safety Critical Weather Events
  3. Developing Better Radar Systems

Intermodal Traffic

  1. Establishing a Flood Monitoring and Prediction System
  2. Integrating Multimodal Data into Traveler Information