Where the Weather Meets the Road: A Research Agenda for Improving Road Weather Services, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate National Research Council, The National Academies Building, 500 Fifth Street NW, Room 201, Washington, DC 20001

Available through The National Academies Press, Washington, DC,

The Federal Highway Administration asked the National Research Council to examine what needs to be done from the research, development, and technology transfer perspectives to improve the production and delivery of weather-related information for the nation’s roadways. The road weather problem is highly interdisciplinary, spanning micrometeorology, numerical weather prediction, vehicle technology, communications technology, meteorological and pavement instrumentation, roadway construction and maintenance, routine traffic and emergency management, human factors, and technology transfer. The report provides the framework to engage the transportation and weather communities, as well as other stakeholders, in advancing road weather research and development in the United States. The report includes a suite of research activities as well as efforts to foster the implementation of an operational road weather capability.

Weather and Highways Report of a Policy Forum Developed by the Atmospheric Policy Program, American Meteorological Society, 1120 G. Street, NW Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005.

Report available online at

The Atmospheric Policy Program of the American Meteorological Society developed a two-day forum on how to improve the safety and operations of the nation’s highway system through better application of weather information. The forum brought together representatives of the weather information providers; transportation managers and users; and policy makers knowledgeable about the nation’s highway system. The forum focused on present and near-term potential in providing weather information to improve the highway system, public and industrial development of strategies to effectively respond to weather information and policy issues in implementing effective application of weather services to the management of the nation’s highway system. The forum discussions led to six recommendations directed at improving the safety and efficiency of the roads for the ultimate benefit of the traveling public.


Winter driving: risks, costs, and safety strategies, Technology News, November-December 2004