Roadway Infrastructure Management & Operations Systems (RIMOS)

Visiting scholar Dr. El-Nasan

A visiting scholar at InTrans, Dr. El-Nasan, from Yarmouk University - Jordan, measures pavement marking retroreflectivity for use in the Iowa DOT Pavement Marking Management Tool.

RIMOS is a program at CTRE dedicated to developing practical tools for viewing, understanding, and making decisions for asset quality and performance over time.

The tools and systems RIMOS develops are helping transportation agencies make cost-effective decisions about their roadways and related assets. RIMOS focuses on helping transportation agencies improve their decision-making process through:


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Asset management


RIMOS creates tools to help agencies decide how to allocate scarce funds and resources and understand the impact these decisions have on performance and safety. RIMOS researchers have created several asset management tools:

Iowa Pavement Management Program

Iowa pavement marking management tool

RIMOS helps collect data for the Iowa DOT's Pavement Marking Management Tool.

Safety on rural curves

RIMOS is leading an FHWA multi-state project to address safety on rural curves.

Since 1996, the Iowa Pavement Management Program (IPMP) has integrated data collection and a database to track the condition of pavements on non-National Highway System federal-aid-eligible roads. These 27,000 miles of Iowa pavement may be in state, county, and city jurisdictions.

The IPMP has information on pavement conditions—roughness, rutting, and surface distresses—and a supporting database for analyzing the condition data. The database includes state-of-the-art geographic referencing tools and built-in analysis software.

Agencies are given CDs with this condition data twice a year. Recently, the IPMP has also started including data on another 9,000 miles of non-federal aid roads for agencies that request it. See more information.


Asset management data are also used in safety studies, including

Traffic operations

RIMOS staff work with the state, cities, and counties to help them understand how their roads and streets are being used, to plan for future traffic demands, and to effectively design for the future.

Getting the full, long-term picture for streets and roads helps agencies make progressive design and maintenance decisions that improve safety for motorists and pedestrians. For example, agencies can save time and money by putting utilities farther out to accommodate future lane additions and capacity increases.

The group also researches traffic operations in specific situations. One project explored how to improve travel safety and efficiency to and from large-scale events such as the Iowa State Fair and college football games.


RIMOS supports five to ten undergraduate and graduate students each year.


Working locally and nationally, RIMOS has partnered with the Iowa Highway Research Board, the Iowa DOT and other state DOTs in Florida, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Texas. National partners include the Federal Highway Administration and industry like the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

RIMOS is a program of the Center for Transportation Research and Education at Iowa State University.

CTRE is an Iowa State University center, administered by the Institute for Transportation.

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