Location Tool Advisory Committee, Meeting 3

On Monday, Dec. 22, the advisory committee met at CTRE with guests from DOT offices. The general objective of the meeting was to discuss data flow requirements and responsibilities to support the Location Tool as a component of Advantage Safety. In attendance were:

Arlin Branhagen
Joyce Emery
John Nervig
Bill Schuman
Steve Vannoy
Mary Jensen, MVD
Rich Rothert, MVD
Pat Cain
Peggi Knight
Bill Lutz
Reg Souleyrette, CTRE
Dan Geiseman, CTRE

I will cc this to Tadd Geis, AMS

The intent of this email is to record action items from the meeting.

Please respond with any comments or corrections you may have.


1) change color scheme for desktop version to match DOT mapping standards.

Dan will discuss with Randy Patterson from TransData - by feb 9 pilot

2) develop code to allow the location tool to be set up for either desktop

or field application (B&W) - by Feb 9 pilot

3) revise GIS-ALAS to work with standard advanatage safety format (see ED

item below).

4) provide list of data layers, elements and projection requirements for

loc-tool to Bill Schuman (see preliminary list below, to be edited by Dan

Geiseman) - soon, well in advance of Feb 9

5) develop and test procedures for post or region-wide location tool use

(speed/size of database required) - by Feb 9.

6) develop pop-up box for AKA information when road label is questioned by

officer (or, for their general information)

7) develop literal description to populate crash report, using distance

from if possible - feb 9/later

8) complete coding of location tool to use list of data provided below, and

to default to appropriate levels of information open (e.g., rivers, yes/no, ...)

9) finish copde that passes relevant fields of info back to advantage safety (location and base record elements)

10) long term, develop procedures so that location tool can be used without advantage safety, for those agencies that have not converted over yet. Q: how to link info to paper reports (with direction by Rich Rothert) - later

11) finish testing and refining translator tool (xy to link-node)


1) Mary will get list of counties comprising patrol posts and enforcement

regions to Dan (email) - before Feb 9

2) Setup pilot for advantage safety/loc-tool - by Feb 9


1) Work with Dave Brown (lead), AMS, CTRE, MVD and others to establish

standard output format for crash data coming out of Advantage safety.

timing? - note: format in the interim to stay unchanged (will not directly

support analysis tools)

AMS: (all by Feb 9)

1) develop code to allow selection of area to load to laptop by county,

patrol post or enforcement regions

2) develop code to take ouitputs of loc-tool and populate crash report form.

3) develop code to post process information coming out of officer input

screen and location tool to provide database elements that can be derived.

Intent is to allow locals to develop the same type of database that the DOT

produces, that can then be used by GIS-ALAS and Access-ALAS. Example is

selection of appropriate key route ID for intersection crashes, using DOT

heuristic (after loc-tool passes both route ID's to advantage safety)

4) develop feedback to officer if location tool fails to populate any or

all fields it is supposed to (e.g., if no or inadequate literal description

is passed back, or if any other fields are missing.) require officer to

input literal description if no xy-route is produced.

GIS/Trans Data:

1) receive list of data layers, elements and projection requirements for

loc-tool from CTRE. Provide data to CTRE so that CD can be cut with data

and loc-tool software in time for Feb 9 pilot (see preliminary list of data


DRAFT! list of data elements (may contain duplicates, may be missing items)

cartography: roads, hydro, muni and county boundaries, milepost points,

rail crossing points, bridge points (segments?)

location attributes: 911 name, signed route, muni road name, other base record key fields

road attributes: locality, type of traffic way, traffic flow, surface type, speed limit, road class, route number/name, milepost, roadway geometry projection: to be specified by Dan


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