ArcView ALAS Suggested Improvements List

Following is a list of improvements that may be made to ArcView ALAS as well as some that have already been made. Those items that have been completed are indicated. If the item has not yet been completed a priority level has been indicated as either low, medium, or high. Low prioritization indicates that though this item would be nice, it isn't as important as finishing other items. Medium prioritization suggests that a little more emphasis should be placed on completing the item. High priority indicates that for the system to be viable, the item should be addressed as quickly as possible.

After perusing the list, if you feel that items have been missed, improperly categorized, or improperly prioritized, please inform us by sending e-mail. Please detail your addition, recategorization, or reprioritization as thoroughly as possible.

A. Interface

B. Query

C. Report

D. Printing

E. Data

F. Documentation

G. Miscellaneous

last modified on April 12, 1999

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