General Downloading and Setup Instructions

Download and save the self-extracting zip file to the C:\temp directory. 

Please notice that there are two different set-up files. If using TranPlan with the ArcView interface, use arc-tp.exe download file. The second download file, map-tp.exe, is the self-extracting file for the MapInfo interface.

The files should be extracted to the C:\temp directory. These self extracting zip files will contain a file called Setup.exe. Double clicking on this file after it has been unzipped will install several DLL and OCX files on your hard drive that are required to run the Visual Basic programs. The program will prompt you as to which directory you want to save the files. You should save the files in the C:\Program Files\ArcView_Interface directory for the ArcView Interface, or the C:\TPMItools directory for the MapInfo Interface (this is currently NOT the default). 

General Comments on using the Software

ArcView Tranplan Interface: For the ArcView Interface, both an ArcView project and an ArcView extension have been created. Both the project and the extension contain all necessary files to operate the interface. Either the project or the extension can be used, however, setting up a working directory must be completed for either interfacing option. To use the ArcView extension, a new ArcView project MUST be saved to the scenario's working directory BEFORE loading the Interface extension. Documentation for the ArcView Interface is also available. Further instructions on downloading, installing, and operating the software can be found within the documentation. Example files for running the Ames, Iowa model are also provided as part of the download. These files can be found in the C:\Program Files\ArcView_Interface\Sample folder once the interface is downloaded.

MapInfo Tranplan Interface: Minor upgrades have also been made to the MapInfo Tranplan Interface as well. The upgraded portions of the interface are available below, and should be used in conjunction with the previous MapInfo interface. Documentation for the improved MapInfo interface is also provided. 

User Input

These interface programs are in the late stages of development. Therefore, the help and response of any users are greatly appreciated; whether positive or negative. Any and all feedback from the users will ultimately result in a better product. Problems, suggestions and questions can be directed to:

Reg Souleyrette
Center for Transportation Research & Education
Iowa State University
2901 South Loop Drive, Suite 3100
Ames, Ia 50010
Phone (515)294-8103

Files Ready to Download

ArcView-Tranplan Interface

MapInfo-Tranplan Interface

Powerpoint Presentation of Travel Demand Modeling (2.9 mb)

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