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Installation Guidance for Centerline and Edgeline Rumble Strips in Narrow Pavements


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Project status

In progress

Start date: 07/01/15
End date: 09/30/17



About the research


The installation of centerline rumble strips (CLRS) and edgeline rumble strips (ELRS) on two-lane rural highways are proven safety countermeasures. Placement of both can usually be accommodated within wide pavements (24 feet or greater paved width) without issue. However, proper placement of one or both is less straightforward for highways with paved widths less than 24 feet. This becomes especially difficult as widths approach 20 feet. Contributing factors such as traffic volume, roadway alignment, and the presence of roadside hazards may suggest the use of one type of rumble strip over another. However, no guidance currently exists regarding the minimum paved width necessary to install either, or which one to install when the installation of both isn't feasible. The purpose of this study is to provide guidance to assist county road agencies, as well as the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), in determining when to install rumble strips based on various site-specific factors.