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Modern Roundabout Guidance for the Iowa DOT


Principal investigator: Shauna Hallmark, 515-294-5249, shallmar@iastate.edu (project list)

Student researcher: Hillary Isebrands, 515-451-4888, hillaryi@iastate.edu

Project status


Start date: 04/01/06
End date: 09/30/07


Related publications: Planning-Level Guidelines for Modern Roundabouts 3.8 mb *pdf November 2008

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Sponsor(s):Iowa Department of Transportation

About the research

Abstract: The main goal of this project is to provide the Iowa DOT with information and direction on roundabout policies, design guidelines, and public education. Project objectives include organzing and facilitating a task force, conducting a synthesis of practice of modern roundabout guidelines and policies, documenting best practices of states with successful programs, developing guidelines for implementation, developing draft roundabout policies, and assisting in public education efforts about roundabouts.

This research will advance Iowa DOT in its development to include roundabouts as a standard intersection alternative treatment rather than the exception.