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Constitutive modeling parameters of compacted aggregates


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Start date: 06/01/02
End date: 09/01/02


Sponsor(s): Geopier Foundation Company

About the research

Abstract: Developing predictions for load settlement relations for GeopierR foundation elements requires an understanding of the stress-strain characteristics of the foundation aggregate materials. This research describes triaxial compression tests on several natural and recycled aggregate materials used in Geopier foundation construction. Different constitutive models were fitted to the experimental results to develop a database of suitable parameter values for numerical modeling. Constitutive models investigated include: hyperbolic nonlinear elastic, power law nonlinear elastic, Mohr-Coulomb plastic dilatant, and modified Cam-clay.

Results are evaluated for applications using a simple finite element analysis. A discussion on aggregate compactibility characteristics and other engineering index parameters is also described.