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Improving Adaptive/Responsive Signal Control Performance: Implications of Non-Invasive Detection and Legacy Timing Practices


Principal investigators:

Project status

In progress

Start date: 10/01/14
End date: 06/30/16


Sponsor(s): Oregon Department of Transportation

Partner(s): sub to Northern Arizona University

About the research


This research will develop a realistic installation guideline that supports the requirements of advance traffic signal controller operations, hybrid detection installations, and non-invasive detection optimization. This guideline shall provide prototypical detection configurations and new timing standards with the goal of reducing or eliminating performance degradation. These guidelines will include a cost analysis that appropriately considers equipment and installation costs as well as the cost of increase delay to the motoring public due to the degradation of signal performance. The costs of this delay can be as much as ($18 per delay hour per/day per passenger vehicle) and as much as ($70 per delay hour per/day per interstate transit vehicle).

Subcontractor to Northern Arizona University on this project.