Concept Highway Maintenance Vehicle Final Report: Phase Two

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Cover and Table of Contents (pdf file)
(There are also links to each chapter within the table of contents.)

Executive Summary (pdf file)


Chapter 1: Study Overview (pdf file)

Chapter 2: Phase I Summary (pdf file)

Technology Discussion

Chapter 3: Proof of Concept (pdf file)

Chapter 4: Introduction to Technologies (pdf file)

Chapter 5: Trucks, Plows, Spreaders (pdf file)

Chapter 6: PlowMaster (pdf file)

Chapter 7: Global Positioning System (GPS) (pdf file)

Chapter 8: Friction Meter (pdf file)

Chapter 9: Temperature Sensors (pdf file)

Chapter 10: Power Booster (pdf file)

Chapter 11: Lighting (Vehicle Conspicuity) (pdf file)

Chapter 12: Backup Vehicle Stop Sensors (pdf file)

Chapter 13: Data Management (pdf file)


Chapter 14: Cost Implications of Technology Applications (pdf file)

Chapter 15: Operator Input and Acceptance (pdf file)

Chapter 16: New and Developing Technologies (pdf file)

Chapter 17: Data Integration with DOT Management Systems (pdf file)


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