Development of Training Materials for Federal Data Workbooks

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Sept 3, 1999

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Proposal for Additional Work

CTRE has proposed additional work for the training materials. See a graphical proposal.


The objective of this effort is to develop a workbook documenting and illustrating the use of federal databases by state and local transportation agencies.


CTRE (Iowa State University) will collect, organize, synthesize and embellish materials documenting the use of federal transportation databases for state and local transportation planning. These materials will be compiled into workbooks that will be used as technical training guides for federal data workshops offered by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.


CTRE will be responsible for preparing workbook materials related to federal freight, employment, and spatial databases. Activities under this project will include staff efforts to:

  1. describe specific federal transportation databases (what they contain, who collects and maintains the data, how often the data are updated, sampling and statistical issues, etc.)
  2. identify and obtain suitable case studies demonstrating how state and local transportation planners have used these federal databases
  3. develop new materials demonstrating ways state and local transportation planners may use federal transportation databases
  4. compile materials into consistent chapters organized based on subject content
  5. provide labor and materials to produce and disseminate workbooks

Draft Documentation for all Databases

Draft training materials.

Project Team

Reg Souleyrette CTRE
Dave Plazak CTRE
Zach Hans CTRE

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