General Iowa Resources for Rural Intersection Crashes

Strategies to Address Nighttime Crashes at Rural, Unsignalized Intersections
Summarizes common strategies to reduce nigttime crashes at rural unsignalized intersections and assists local agencies in deciding when, where, and how much rural intersection lighting to provide.

Best Practices for Low-Cost Safety Improvements on Iowa's Local Roads
Summarizes safety treatments for low volume local roads in Iowa.

Traffic Safety Analysis for Local Agencies
Describes several methods for reviewing crash data at a given location, identifying possible contributing causes, selecting countermeasures, and conducting economic analyses for the proposed mitigation. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has also developed other analysis tools, which are described in the manual. The manual can also serve as a reference for traffic engineers and other analysts.

Intersection Safety: A Manual for Local Rural Road Owners
Provides information on effectively identifying intersection safety issues in local areas, choosing the countermeasures that address them, and evaluating the benefits of those treatments. The manual is geared toward local road managers and other practitioners with responsibility for operating and maintaining their roads.
It offers information on the procedures and processes to improve the safety of local rural unsignalized intersections and to reduce the potential for future crashes.

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