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Planning the site: An example

The city government of Steel Creek, a fictitious Iowa town, has decided it needs a web site. Citizens keep asking for it. A few want to be able to pay their city taxes online. Others want to review the city library's holdings. Still others want to know the city's street maintenance plans.

Steel Creek's overall purpose for publishing a web site is to provide better customer service and develop better public relations. The city has decided to hire an Internet service provider to host its site and design the overall look, but city employees will be responsible for developing the site's content and maintaining it.

The city plans to train a handful of people from each department on the web editing program that will be used for developing and maintaining the whole site. By asking for volunteers for this extra duty, the city hopes to save money by not hiring an additional person to serve as webmaster. The public relations director will oversee the whole site, but each department will be responsible for the content of its pages.

In the public works department, three people have volunteered to develop and maintain their department's pages: Dan, a maintenance man, Eileen, a secretary, and Trevor, the assistant city engineer. Before beginning their training on the new software, they meet to discuss the goals and audiences for their department's pages.

Dan, Eileen, and Trevor believe their main audience is residents of Steel Creek, including local businesses. They also think their fellow employees are an audience to consider.

They decide the short-term goals should be to publish this year's road construction and maintenance plans, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for contacting public works staff, and news releases. Their long-term goals will be to

  1. publish all departmental policies affecting citizens, such as the snow and ice control policy and the policy for alley maintenance
  2. offer an online service request form for people to report maintenance problems on their streets
  3. publish an online newsletter.


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