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Identifying bridge approach problems, causes, and possible solutions

broken concrete embankment beneath bridge

Failure of concrete slope protection due to erosion.

Bridge approach settlement and the result-ing formation of "bumps" at the end of bridges is a common problem in Iowa. In addition to annoying motorists, these bumps result in considerable maintenance costs.

David J. White, assistant professor of civil, construction, and environmental engi-neering at ISU, recently led a project that investigated bridge approach problems and recommended improvements to bridge approach design, construction, and main-tenance. The project was sponsored by the Iowa Highway Research Board (TR-481). Following are highlights.

Causes of approach settlement

The project team determined that approach settlement can be caused by a number of factors:

Common bridge approach problems

White's team observed the following bridge approach problems at existing bridges with poor performance:

Recommended design alternatives

The following design alternatives show promise:

For more information

See the project report, Identification of the Best Practices for Design, Construction, and Repair of Bridge Approaches, and a technology transfer summary on the project web page.

If you have specific questions, contact David White, 515-294-1463,


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