Telspar hand driver hits the spot

Telspar hand driver
Demonstration of how Telspar hand driver works

Jerry Gunderson, Osage equipment operator, demonstrates the hand driver.

Osage shop employees had been using a sledge hammer and manual cap to drive in the new Telspar posts the Iowa DOT is using for smaller signs. But keeping the posts exactly vertical was difficult using this technique, even with two people working together.

The shop needed a way for one worker to install a post in an emergency situation.

Phil Brumm and Mark Mullenbach, equipment operators at the Osage shop, came up with a solution: the Telspar hand driver.

The hand driver uses the principle of a slide hammer with different heads. The head stays in contact with the anchor, so the user can deliver square blows without the help of a second person.

The device uses steel tubing, a slide hammer, and hammer plate. It cost approximately $80 and took about five hours to construct.

Now one person can quickly and accurately drive in a Telspar post.

For more information on the Telspar hand driver, contact Phil Brumm or Mark Mullenbach, 641-732-3637.

Editor’s Note

This is the last in a series of articles describing winning innovations from the “Better Mousetrap” competition at the 2003 Iowa Maintenance Training Expo. In each issue of Technology News we are highlighting one of the winners. For information about other winning “mousetraps,” see Better Mousetraps.


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