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Winter 2007

CTRE en route is published twice a year to inform readers about CTRE's projects and programs.

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CTRE Communications:
Marcia Brink
CTRE en route editor:
Michele Regenold

CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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Go! magazine gets going

screen shot of Go! table of contents from March-April 2007 issue

"Cover" of the March-April 2007 issue of Go!

Ben Hucker models a Go! t-shirt

Benjamin Hucker was the first ever Go! Mystery photo winner. He's an undergraduate student in civil engineering at Iowa State University.

Looking for a way to get teens interested in the transportation industry? Send them to Go!

In Go!, teens can find out things like

  • How millions of Harry Potter books will get shipped this summer.
  • How the railroads instituted time zones.
  • What construction companies do in the winter.

Go! is an entertaining, free, online magazine published by CTRE/ISU that will open teens' eyes to the variety of careers in transportation.

Each issue focuses on a different theme. The first issue (January–February 2007) focused on winter work with topics like learning to drive a snowplow (a high school student struggles to maneuver a virtual snowplow via a state-of-the-art driving simulator) and keeping airplanes and runways clear of snow and ice.

Feature articles also provide basic information—general qualifications, educational requirements, working conditions, etc.—about specific careers.

In addition to upbeat feature articles, Go! includes five or six rotating departments—School Spotlight, Train your Brain, Historically Speaking, Green Scene, Tech Trends, Book Stop, and Mystery Photo.

Go!’s advisory board includes high school and college students, educators, and transportation professionals, who help keep the editor, Michele Regenold (still a kid at heart), in touch with their interests and issues.

Go! has gotten off the ground through two grants from Iowa State University (P&S Council's Retention and Recruitment grant and the Vice Provost's Women's Enrichment Mini Grant) and sponsorships from the following:

For more information

To get involved with Go!, download a two-page flyer (1 mb pdf). Contact Michele Regenold, 515-296-0835, mregenol@iastate.edu.

Suggest a story idea. Email the editor: mregenol@iastate.edu.