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Summer 2007

CTRE en route is published twice a year to inform readers about CTRE's projects and programs.

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CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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New faces at CTRE

Several new people have started work at CTRE in recent months, including a secretary, report editor, 2 bridge engineers, concrete pavement engineer, and an associate director of the CP Tech Center.

What you need to know How to recognize him/her
Jake Bigelow, Bridge Engineer

Jake is one of two new bridge engineers with the Bridge Engineering Center. He'll be working on a variety of projects related to timber bridges and construction and design. He has BS (civil engineering) and MS (structural engineering) degrees from Iowa State University. Before returning to Iowa State this summer, he worked as an engineer at two private firms, first at Charles Saul Engineering in Des Moines, Iowa, and later at Opus Architects and Engineering in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
Jake Bigelow
Yoon-Si Lee, Bridge Engineer

Yoon-Si is the other new bridge engineer with the Bridge Engineering Center. He'll focus on structural health monitoring of bridges. He recently completed his PhD in structural engineering at Iowa State, where he's worked as a research assistant for several years.
Yoon-Si Lee
Tyson Rupnow, PCC Research Engineer

Tyson joined the CP Tech Center this summer after completing his PhD in civil engineering at Iowa State. His current research focuses on optimization of ternary cementitious systems, improvement of PCC mixtures using a two-stage mixing process, and materials and construction optimization.
Tyson Rupnow
Sabrina Shields-Cook, Report Editor/Technical Writer

Sabrina has taken Oksana (Opsomer) Gieseman's place* as CTRE's primary report editor. Sabrina recently completed a master's degree in rhetoric, composition, and professional communication at Iowa State University. As a grad assistant, she did technical writing and editing for Iowa State's Institute for Food Safety and Security.

* (Oksana still works at CTRE but now does technical writing and editing for the CP Tech Center.)
Sabrina Shields-Cook
Dee Short, Secretary

Dee works mornings as CTRE's receptionist and afternoons as a secretary for the CP Tech Center. She is new to Iowa State University. She previously worked at Iowa Central Community College's Homeland Security Training Center.
Dee Short
Peter Taylor, Associate Director, CP Tech Center

Peter arrived at CTRE this summer after 10 years with Construction Technology Laboratories (CTLGroup) in Skokie, Illinois. One of his main projects for the CP Tech Center will be leading the mix design track of the CP Road Map, a long-term research plan for concrete pavements. Peter has a PhD in civil engineering from the University of Cape Town.
Peter Taylor