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Winter 2006

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Go! A teen magazine about transportation

sample Go! magazine cover with girl holding GPS receiver on a sunny day

Sample magazine cover

CTRE proposes to publish a nonprofit, bimonthly magazine for teenagers about transportation.

Go! will open teens’ eyes to the exciting innovations in transportation as well as the human problems that transportation helps solve. It will appeal to young men and women, 12 to 17, who are curious about the world and who are interested in math, science, technology, government, politics, economics, geography, and/or the environment. Through the lens of transportation, Go! will show teens how to help people and make a difference in the world.

Go! will cover the diversity of transportation from infrastructure to modes to technology to people. Each issue will have a theme such as rebuilding transportation systems after disasters, fueling the future, beautiful design, and “extreme” transportation projects.

Why a magazine

The United States is facing a shortage of professional and skilled workers over the next several years as the baby boom generation begins to retire. In light of this, the transportation industry faces the problem of attracting enough well trained, qualified people to replace retirees.

Unlike other industries that seem to be shipping whole classes of jobs to other countries, the transportation industry is inherently place based. The potential effects on the U.S. transportation system could be significant if the United States fails to maintain and improve this system, which is so vital to our national interests.

The transportation industry provides great opportunities for people with many different career interests and levels of skill and education. Yet to teens considering their career possibilities, the industry is virtually invisible. Teens, and many adults for that matter, are oblivious to the challenging work that happens behind the scenes, particularly when it comes to building and maintaining the transportation infrastructure.

Go! will show teens (and their parents, teachers, and guidance counselors) that transportation is an exciting, dynamic, cool career field. It will also help them better understand the role of this important industry in their own lives and help fill the “pipeline” of future transportation workers at all skill levels.

Why a print magazine

Teens read print magazines. According to research by Mediamark Research Inc. for the Magazine Publishers of America, eight out of 10 teens read magazines.

Teens are consummate multitaskers. But when they’re reading print magazines, they’re much less likely to multitask with other media. For example, 55 percent of teens simultaneously use the Internet and watch TV, but only 12 percent simultaneously read magazines and watch TV.

By arriving six times a year in teens’ mailboxes or their classrooms, Go! will make transportation visible and interesting on a regular basis. In addition to a print magazine that teens can take anywhere and pass along to their friends, subscribers will also have exclusive access to an online version.

Other benefits

Go! will also show teens how their high school classes in math, science, English, and social studies relate to jobs and careers in the real world—and why studying these disciplines in college could be great for their wallets. Teachers and home schoolers will also have access to a free curriculum guide to make integrating Go! into their lesson plans as simple as possible.

Editorial board

An editorial advisory board is being formed. CTRE plans to invite people with national reputations in transportation and magazine publishing, teachers, high school and college students, and faculty from Iowa State University’s Greenlee School of Journalism and College of Design.


CTRE is seeking sponsors/donors to get the magazine started and to fund about half the expenses for the first two years of magazine production. CTRE anticipates that by year three of the project, the magazine will be self-supporting through subscriptions and modest advertising. For more information about the anticipated costs and revenues, please download a copy of the business plan.

For more information

For more information about the magazine’s content, staffing, budget, etc., please download a copy of the business plan. Or contact Michele Regenold, Go! editor, 515-296-0835 or mregenol@iastate.edu.