CTRE  en route
Winter 2006

CTRE en route is published twice a year to inform readers about CTRE's projects and programs.


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CTRE Communications:
Marcia Brink
CTRE en route editor:
Michele Regenold

CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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Recently started research

Below is a list of projects that were started between February 2005 and July 2005. All links will take you off site.


Field Validation of Intelligent Compaction Monitoring Technology for Unbound Materials and HMA


Investigation of Electro-Magnetic Gauges for Determination of In-Place Density of HMA Pavements TR-547

Performance Evaluation of Rubblized Pavements in Iowa

Planning, Standards

Developing a Rural and Urban Roadway Lighting Practical Design Guide for Iowa (TR 540)

Investigation of the Impact of Rural Develoment on Secondary Road Systems TR-548

Roadway Design Standards for Rural and Suburban Subdivisions TR-549

Revision to the SUDAS Traffic Signal Design Guide TR 546


Crash Mapping Analysis Tool for Minnesota DOT

High-Speed Expressway Intersections Study of Crash Risk Factors


Iowa Event Operations

Western Growth Area Land Use Sensitivity Analysis, Phase 2


Snow and Ice Operations Cost Analysis

Winter Weather Crash Trends on Iowa Primary Roads