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Winter 2005

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SUDAS Manuals Have New Owners

On February 17, 2005, the Central Iowa Committee, the original founders of the urban design standards and standard specifications, acted to officially transfer ownership of the manuals to the Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS) Corporation. The committee voted unanimously in favor of the transfer. With this transfer, the Central Iowa Committee officially disbanded membership; however, several members from the committee serve on the SUDAS District 1 Committee.

The SUDAS Corporation will continue with business as planned. Here’s what’s in the works for SUDAS:

  • Complete revisions to the sanitary sewer design chapter.
  • Review and revise specifications for sanitary sewer construction, including trench, backfill, and trenchless; sewers and drains; and structures for sanitary and storm sewers.
  • Complete revisions to the structural design of pipe design section (which will be moved from the stormwater design chapter to the utilities design chapter).
  • Review and revise the stormwater management design chapter, including quality and quantity, and the related specifications division.
  • Add a compost section and revise the seeding section in the site work and landscaping specifications division.
  • Review and rewrite the hot mix asphalt specifications section with emphasis on quality control. Add the Gyratory Mix Selection Guide for Local Agencies to the roadway design chapter of the design manual.
  • Review and revise traffic signal specifications.

SUDAS is also working on five research projects: