CTRE  en route
Summer 2005

CTRE en route is published twice a year to inform readers about CTRE's projects and programs.


Address: CTRE, 2901 S. Loop Drive, Suite 3100, Ames, IA 50010

Phone: 515-294-8103
FAX: 515-294-0467

Website: www.ctre.iastate.edu/

CTRE Communications:
Marcia Brink
CTRE en route editor:
Michele Regenold

CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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It's also a way to avoid spammers because you select the news sources you're interested in. Once the news sites you want are programmed into your news reader (see below), you'll just have to open your news reader and all the news you've requested will be there.

CTRE's news feed provides information about recently completed research, upcoming events, and other transportation-related news.

Link to CTRE's news feed: http://www.ctre.iastate.edu/rss/ctre.xml

Using a news reader/aggregator

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  1. Go to your favorite websites to see if they offer news feeds. Look for the "RSS" or "XML" symbol.
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Your news reader will automatically and periodically check all the sites you enter for the latest headlines.