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Summer 2005

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compaction machine

Compaction machine

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CTRE is an Iowa State University center.

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Partnership for Geotechnical Advancement

Quietly begun in late 2002, the Partnership for Geotechnical Advancement (PGA) is a program that gives CTRE one more piece of the roadway puzzle.

PGA focuses on geotechnical engineering, i.e., soil mechanics, earth structures, foundations, and retaining structures. The main objective of PGA research and outreach is to make highways last longer by improving the quality of the construction process.

Research on intelligent compaction

graphic showing data display

Operator display on a CAT compaction monitoring system

Soil is compacted to specific levels in order to give it the structural characteristics to carry the heavy loads of a pavement, a building, or other structure.

Intelligent compaction involves installing an instrument on a roller so the operator knows in real time how well the soil is being compacted. With 100 percent testing information, the quality of the soil compaction is improved. And without having to stop work for manual tests, the specified compaction is also achieved more quickly.

PGA research on intelligent compaction includes the following:

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For more information about the PGA, view the program's website. (off site)