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Update on train horn final rule

Train horn on a pole

A wayside horn is a one-to-one replacement for a train horn. It is not required for a quiet zone.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued a final rule in April that allows communities to establish quiet zones where train horns will remain silent. The rule went into effect June 24, 2005.

Several changes were made in the final rule from the interim rule:

FRA staff members Howard Gillespie and Bennie Howe, who presented a workshop on the final horn rule in September, suggest that as a community considers establishing a quiet zone, it should do the following:

For more information

Gillespie and Howe recommend reading the final rule for full details. See Appendix C of the rules for guidelines on establishing quiet zones. The final rule is available on the web at This site also includes links to the FRA's quiet zone calculator. See the Iowa DOT's list of railroad contacts for quiet zone issues at



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