Iowa State University

M.S. Degree in Transportation

Student helps fly a helikite

Transportation students use innovative technologies in their research like this student who's helping fly a helikite.

Why study transportation

Transportation may be the field for you if

Program description

As a field of study, transportation is inherently interdisciplinary. If you consider yourself a "generalist" with interests in city planning, engineering, economics, geographic information systems, etc., take a look at Iowa State University's program in transportation.

When you study transportation at Iowa State, you'll take courses in three core fields:

  1. transportation engineering (through the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering),
  2. community and regional planning (through that department in the College of Design), and
  3. transportation and logistics (through the Department of Logistics, Operations, and Management Information Systems in the College of Business).

Together these disciplines will expose you to both the public and private dimensions of transportation. You'll develop a cohesive curriculum from these fields and also from related fields such as economics, political science, industrial engineering, sociology, and other disciplines. With the help of an advisor, you'll design a program to meet your academic and career objectives.

Transportation Graduate Student Handbook

The Transportation Graduate Student Handbook (221 kb Word file, 84 kb pdf file) explains the steps you must complete in the interdisciplinary master's degree program in transportation. It includes a program overview, information about academic requirements, resources for students, and information about financing your education.