Iowa Traffic Control & Safety Association

ITCSA founded 1975



The Iowa Traffic Control & Safety Association disbanded in 2004.

Letter from the President

Members of ITCSA:

After careful consideration of the members’ survey responses about the future of ITCSA, the board unanimously voted November 1 to disband the Iowa Traffic Control and Safety Association effective on November 24, 2004, the 29th anniversary of the founding of this honorable and dedicated group of safety minded professionals.

The ITCSA officers and board struggled with this issue for several months. A proposal to combine with the MOVITE chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers was considered but declined. Any remaining funds in the organization will be donated to Iowa Safe Kids Coalition.

Longtime members of ITCSA should be proud of the influence their efforts have had over these 29 years as a fore runner of the many multi-disciplinary groups now working together at the state and local level to provide safer roads and streets for all the citizens of Iowa. ITCSA was founded on November 24, 1975, as a unique consortium of professionals from otherwise unrelated fields, but with a common interest in safety on the streets and highways of Iowa. Over the succeeding years, activities of this pioneer multi-disciplinary group included annual conferences, newsletters, a web site and list serve, safety awards, and support of important safety related legislation.

As multi-disciplinary cooperation has become more common, other groups and associations have been established that provide similar benefits and opportunities as ITCSA, often at a lesser cost. As a result, participation in ITCSA sponsored events such as the annual conference declined and supplemental funding from sources such as Iowa’s Safety Management System was needed to supplement reduced revenues.

Like an old friend, it is finally time to bid farewell to a beneficial and worthwhile effort, the Iowa Traffic and Safety Association.

Good luck with your transportation safety efforts in the future.

Jerry Campbell, 2004 president of ITCSA

Last updated: June 7, 2005