IPMP Training Workshops

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The IPMP provides numerous opportunities for training workshops on the following topics. Click on each workshop for more elaborate descriptions and sample workshop agendas.

Fundamentals of Pavement Management

This workshop

  • provides training on general pavement management
  • is intended for upper management and elected officials
  • lasts from two to four hours maximum

The program is divided into four parts:

  1. PMS fundamentals
  2. automated distress data overview
  3. PMS software output review
  4. GIS database demonstration

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Pavement Management Software

This workshop

  • provides technical training on pavement management software
  • is intended for engineering and technical staff responsible for day-to-day operation
  • lasts between four and eight hours

The program, including information on dTIMS™ and FNOS, contains six sections:

  1. IPMP overview
  2. software introduction
  3. software parameters
  4. software operation
  5. software customization
  6. software demonstration

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GIS Database

This workshop

  • provides technical training on the GIS database
  • is intended for engineering and technical staff
  • lasts from four to six hours
  • The program includes

    1. IPMP GIS database overview
    2. information delivery options
    3. data integration (PMS results)
    4. section tool
    5. database demonstration

    How to Schedule a Workshop

    Fill out the Training request form or Contact Inya (inya@iastate.edu) with Inquiries.

    IPMP promotes optimal, cost-effective decisions on highway maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction, using accurate past and projected pavement conditions.

    IPMP provides pavement management information, tools, and training supporting both PROJECT level and NETWORK level pavement management activities.