Lecture 15:Airport Terminal Design

CE 352, Transportation Engineering
Iowa State University
Dr. Souleyrette

refs: Wright and Ashford, pp. 620-641


The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the organizations involved, design objectives, layout types, and space requirements of an airport terminal. It also displays links of some of the larger terminals around the world.

Involved Organizations:

Airport owner
- prime tenants
- sometimes owners
- provide estimates of future "needs"

Design Objectives:

Adequate space/waiting time
Walk distance
Work environment

Terminal Layout:
See 6 Basic Layouts (frontal, finger, satellite, transporter, remote stand, gate arrival)
View 12 Real Airport Layouts(www.travelmore.com)
Current Trends in Terminal Design and Layout GS&P

Terminal Space Requirements:
Space is needed for each of the following functions ...
- service functions
- ticket sales

- rest rooms
- waiting/resting
- baggage check/claim
- security
- flight info.
- boarding/deplaning
- mail/light cargo
- corridors, elevators, escalators, etc.
- passenger convenience
- newsstand/gift shops
- rest rooms
- restaurant
- car rental
- air carrier operations
- communications center
- ground and air crew ready rooms
- operations rooms
- airport operations/maintenance (may be in separate buildings)
- air traffic control

- ground traffic control
- airport administration
- maintenance
- fire protection
- utilities
- cafeterias